Saturday 31 December 2022
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2022 in numbers

The Ups & Downs of HDFC FlexiCap Fund

Long term investing pays big time….. And this has been rated as a 3 Star Fund by Value Research…..

Small Savings Rates Tweaked

The Government has increased rates for some products for the quarter starting January 2023.

Global Economy 2022

Capital Gains Tax

A easy to use infographic:

Must have Money Habits

1: Don’t Look Rich – Become Rich Rather than actually building wealth, people tend to spend their money on things that elevate...

India’s Golden Decade

This is India’s Golden Decade Standing at the cusp of golden opportunities Structural reforms in place Recent Changes are not shallow,...

India would be $25-trn economy in 25 years: KV Kamath

India is expected to be a USD 25-trillion economy in 25 years, veteran banker and chairman of National Bank for Financing Infrastructure...

Sensex : Declines 1980-2021

Of Money & Wealth…..