Buying a Term Insurance Policy online


A standard term life insurance plan can have exactly the same benefits irrespective of the channel you buy it from. Buying an insurance plan online is safe. However, you need to be mindful of the features that you are opting for. Often, features are not understood before purchase.
Key features that you should thoroughly go through are: (a) term of the plan: rates are directly proportionate to the term—promotional emails generally cite low rates based on relatively short plan duration, (b) smoking status: life insurance rates are substantially higher for smokers— rates advertised are mostly for non-smokers, (c) riders: explanation of benefits of riders is sometimes sketchy.
For example, critical illness riders can be delivered as a lump sum payment or could just earn you a waiver of future premiums of the plan. Similarly, a disability rider could be delivered as an accelerated payment of the base sum assured or could be an additional amount payable over and above the base sum assured.
It is  recommended that you take a term life insurance plan with a term to cover at least till the age of 65 ( your retirement age ). Duly declare your smoking status. Understand the riders before buying. You could also take the help of an insurance expert to understand the nuances and then purchase online.

Buying a term plan online is one of the cheapest modes to buy insurance as it saves your time and money. The online term plans are available at approximately 30 to 40 percent lower premiums compared to offline term plans. Offline term plans are costlier due to distribution costs associated with the same whereas, these costs are absent in an online term plan and as such the benefit of the same is passed on to the policy holders in terms of lower premiums. All other benefits remain the same for both online and offline customers. The same service and benefits are applicable to both.




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