Saturday 31 December 2022
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India’s Golden Decade

This is India’s Golden Decade Standing at the cusp of golden opportunities Structural reforms in place Recent Changes are not shallow,...

Of Money & Wealth…..

Small Savings Rates Tweaked

The Government has increased rates for some products for the quarter starting January 2023.

Global Economy 2022

2022 in numbers

Capital Gains Tax

A easy to use infographic:

The Ups & Downs of HDFC FlexiCap Fund

Long term investing pays big time….. And this has been rated as a 3 Star Fund by Value Research…..

Compounding : Ready Reckoner

Must have Money Habits

1: Don’t Look Rich – Become Rich Rather than actually building wealth, people tend to spend their money on things that elevate...

What are the Gains required to recover Losses?