Saturday 31 December 2022
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Asset Classes : Heatmap (FY11-FY22)

It is clear that no asset class performs consistently every year…..

Asset Allocation Quilt 2021

A very informative infographic. (Courtesy: Mint.)

You Shouldn’t Ignore Debt and Gold

Fixed income investing is going through its bleakest period in recent years on account of low interest rates and the record-breaking run-up...

Caution ahead

Leading indices have been scaling fresh highs on a regular basis. This is luring hordes of new investors to enter the stock market,...

MFs Get Innovative with Passive Funds

Mutual funds are launching a series of new passive funds, which enables them to expand their product basket with low-cost innovations while...

Asset Allocation Quilt: 2011-2020

Came across this extremely informative graphic in the Mint.

Indian Households Increase Equity Play

The share of equity investments in India’s household assets has reached a decade high following rising acceptance of mutual fund...

Credit Risk Funds

Investors with a high risk appetite can earn as much as over 14% by putting money in credit risk schemes of mutual funds after bond yields...

Debt Funds: What to look for while investing?

What all to look for while investing in debt funds….. CREDIT RISK All debt funds have fixed income or money market instruments like...

Mid-caps, Small-caps shed some froth

  The recent correction in small- and mid-caps has caught many on Dalal Street off guard. The market participants, who have been worst...