Sunday 25 September 2022
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Posts by: Rohit Dabrai

India would be $25-trn economy in 25 years: KV Kamath

India is expected to be a USD 25-trillion economy in 25 years, veteran banker and chairman of National Bank for Financing Infrastructure...

Sensex : Declines 1980-2021

Of Money & Wealth…..

What are the Gains required to recover Losses?

What’s Your Investing Personality?

India’s Global Market Cap Share

Looking at some other interesting data…..

Average Residential Prices

Investor Behaviour

People are just bad at investing. Because of the way our brains work, we can’t help but buy investments when prices are high for fear...

India: The 5th Largest Economy in the World

Articles published in the TOI and Hindu Businessline.

Asset Classes : Heatmap (FY11-FY22)

It is clear that no asset class performs consistently every year…..